Islam and Its History

Islam: Islam is a religion based on monotheism, and it says to worship and obeys God “Allah” alone.  Islam is is the religion which Allah approves for His slaves. The person who enters this religion is called a Muslim (one who submits) because he has presented to all the rulings that have come from Allah … Continue Reading

Islam: A big religion to understand well

Islam is a big religion, based on the teachings of the Qur’an, according to its followers, the last divine book, Allah’s final Rasool and prophet, Muhammad, was delivered to humans. The Qur’an is in Arabic, and in this language, 25% of the world’s population read by approximately 1.6 to 1.8 billion people of these (according … Continue Reading

Islam is peace

5 Things about Islam you should know

Islam has taken a massive beating, and people blame the religion for the violence that is caused in the world. Unfortunately, it is not the case, and we need to understand and respect the choices of faith made by others. We cannot blame the religion for the mistakes the community creates, and we need to … Continue Reading

Origins of Islam

Prophet Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is said to be the last messenger of God. He was a chosen recipient and was a messenger of God through the divine revelations. Muslims follow the teachings of Muhammad. The origin of Islam is said to be tracked back in the 7th century in Saudi Arabia. The Early life … Continue Reading


What are the Main Practices and Rituals of Islam?

Islam means to Surrender or submit in Arabic. The religion began in Arabia and was revealed to humanity by Prophet Muhammad, and the followers of Islam were known as Muslims, they believe that there is only one God and that is Allah. You can read about religion and spirituality on the great blog They … Continue Reading